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Duropal Worktops

Duropal Laminate Worktops are known for their high quality products offering a variety of styles across their range, dedicated to suit everyone’s taste.

Through the process of manufacturing, the Duropal Classic and Quadra worktops become heat, scratch and water resistant allowing them to be the perfect fit for a busy family home or an individual who loves to cook. There is no better choice that Duropal worktops.

Finished with a profiled front edge, designed to prevent liquid spills finding their way into drawers and cupboards allowing you to place items on the counter without fear.

Duropal worktops are created using a core sustainable product that has a decorative laminate top bonded to it with high heat and pressure removing worry of the product warping.

With a beautiful finish on all worktops, Duropal would make an excellent addition to any kitchen.

Carrara Marble S63009

Ipanema White S61011

Glacial Storm S66012

IpaIpanema Grey S61013

Natural Messina S62009

Antique Messina S62010

Quartz Grey S68035

Quartz Stone F73009

Trasimeno Basalt S63013

Breccian Paradiso S63021

Nero Portoro S63028

India White S63045

Bellato Grey F76044

Grey Sonoma Oak R20039

Calypso S68050

Ponderosa Pine R55004

Astral Quartz Gloss S68002

Terracotta F76142

Natural Oak Block R20004

Cento Worktop S68036

Artisan Oak R20315

Torino Oak Nature R20231

Lorenzo Oak R20256

Tangram Oak R20349

Beech Crenata R24096

Block Walnut Quadra R30023

Okapi Walnut Quadra R30135

Clay Sangha Wenge Quadra R50003

Natural Sangha Wenge R50004

Nordic Teak R50094

Black Brazil S61008

Deep Slate S64011

Star Black S66000

Dark Mountain Oak R20065

Kings Marble Green Quadra S68025

Terrazzo Nero Quadra S68029

Abruzzo Colore Quadra S68048

Abruzzo Naturale Quadra S68049

Ceramic Rust Worktop F76026

Rabac Quadra F76028

Oxyd Grey Quadra F76083

Saloon Quadra R20347

Wellington Oak R20154

Light Cortona S63033

Caviar Black S63044

Trebbia Stone S63035

Anthracite Grey U12290

Light Grey U12188

Chalk Worktop U11102

Volcanic Black U12000