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The Tuscan collection offers an extensive choice of stunning sinks and taps. Elegant yet hard wearing, our range allows you to make your own
statement with classic and contemporary styles across a choice of materials. High on looks yet low on maintenance, Tuscan sinks and taps withstand daily wear and tear, are easy to clean, and provide a hygienic and durable surface whilst retaining their stylish appearance. Whether you prefer the fresh, contemporary look of polished stainless steel, or the nostalgic quality of a traditional Belfast, a Tuscan sink and tap add a touch of luxury. Basix Sinks & Taps packs cater for the more value conscious.

TT104 Brunello Tap in Chrome

£39.00 (inc vat)

TT103 Cantucci Pull Out Tap in Chrome

£195.00 (inc vat)

TT105 Chianti Tap in Chrome

£189.00 (inc vat)

TT112 Fiorentina Tap in Chrome

£137.00 (inc vat)

TT113 Fiorentina Tap in Brushed

£169.00 (inc vat)

TT102 Morellino Tap in Chrome

£89.00 (inc vat)

TT117 Panzanella Tap in Chrome

£249.00 (inc vat)

TT116 Parrina Tap in Chrome & Black

£230.00 (inc vat)

TT107 Parrina Tap in Chrome

£208.00 (inc vat)

TT109 Parrina Tap in Brushed

£236.00 (inc vat)

TT108 Pomino Tap in Brushed

£160.00 (inc vat)

TT101 Pomino Tap in Chrome

£160.00 (inc vat)

Direct Hot Tap Chrome TT55

£574.80 (inc vat)

3 in 1 Hot Tap Chrome TT50

£862.80 (inc vat)

3 in 1 Hot Tap Brushed TT51

£1,006.80 (inc vat)

3 in 1 Hot Tap Rose Gold TT53

£1,078.80 (inc vat)

3 in 1 Hot Tap Brushed Gold TT54

£1,006.80 (inc vat)

3 in 1 Hot Tap Graphite TT52

£1,078.80 (inc vat)