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Minerva Worktops

Solid performance, total design flexibility

Welcome to minerva®: the home of practical and solid kitchen worksurface material, manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Delivering a luxurious appearance, cool pleasing touch and robust performance day in, day out. With a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects, style is not compromised for quality. Imperceptible, seamless joints with full design flexibility. Aspirations are a reality.

Whether you dream of sweeping curves or contemporary lines, minerva® offers the flexibility to meet all your design needs without the cost of specialist installation. Please take a look through our range and contemplate some of the possibilities – your imagination will provide the rest!

Group 1 (price range)

White Minerva

Group 2 (price range)

Black Granite Minerva

Amazonia Brown Minerva

Caramel Crunch Minerva

Fossil Minerva

Grey Crystal Minerva

Ice Blue Minerva

Ice Crystal Minerva

Nimbus Grey Minerva

Peak Stone Minerva

Group 3 (price range)

Sparkling White Minerva

Carrara White Minerva

Copper Fleck Minerva

Dessert Rock Minerva

Concrete Haze Minerva

Silver Haze Minerva

Grey Storm Minerva