Grey Crystal Minerva

With a light grey background, Grey Crystal uses a spectrum of flecks combined with crystal-like particulates to create a stunning décor. With specks that shimmer and sparkle as light changes, this décor works particularly well with gloss dark grey furniture.
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    • 577.41 £
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All minerva® worksurfaces are supplied with smooth factory machined face and edges, all finished by hand.

We cut and hand finish the worksurface face and edges for you, so they are delivered ready to fit, saving you valuable installation time and money.

No need to spend time on site making sure the finished face and edges are square and presentable, it’s all been done for you.

The modular worktop blanks in the minerva solid surface range are designed to be simple to plan and install. The surface and the edges are factory finished so there is no need to re-sand the top during installation (except in the area around a joint or when edges are cut and profiled).

All worktops are wrapped in heavy duty shrink-wrap then boxed. Each is supplied with a 3m length of heat reflective tape that is used for hob cut outs.